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Customer Experience

Proof Of Concept

Stay Connected

Use Real-time, Accurate Big Data for Better Service and Increased Profit

A real-time accurate data driven customer loyalty solution that converts “big-data” to a simple dashboard with effective automatic actions that minimize resources needed, maximizes ROI and is proven to improve bottom line

Customer Retention

Stay in-touch with your customers whenever they drive

Business Acquisition

Be First to know when they need help – and you can provide service

Customer Appreciation and Loyalty

Provide your customers with savings and experience the like and that will win their loyalty

Automatic Actions

No capital or human resources investment. Just a tablet. Back up automatic actions with manual actions only when desired

Data Driven Customer Experience with Savings, Safety, Peace of Mind and Fun

Appreciated service with significant value add that comes with use of real-time accurate data. Enjoy the relationship with the service provider with tangible benefits of real savings, mutual trust, improved safety of self and dependents and fun in car ownership

Peace of Mind

Verify car is in good state before a trip. If not – the mechanic is instantly notified

Increase loyalty and communication and save more.


Be notified when of risky behaviors, rewarded of safe behaviors, personal maintenance plan the increases safety


Be in control of car maintenance. Know what the mechanic knows. Engage with your intelligent car and the community

Need Us to “Prove the Concept”? Lets do it…

Put your business ahead of the competition and profit with no risk, We will implement the solution with you and your selected customers and you will agree the purchase a service panel if we convince you the technology works. Interesting? Contact us for more details

Proof of Technology

See it all working

Preparedness for deployment

Learn how it works

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